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Collegiate Storage and Rental

Here at Collegiate Storage and Rental, we applaud universities for providing the best possible experiences to their students – including the experience of living on campus. The team here at Collegiate prides itself on assisting over twenty universities and colleges along the East Coast with that endeavor. Through our easy-to-use online ordering system at, Collegiate is able to offer various types of refrigerator rentals as well as shipping and storage services directly to students.

Let Us Handle Everything

We believe that just because students are living away from home does not mean that it should be a difficult experience. To make students’ lives easier, our delivery team brings packages straight from our door to your dorm room. And for shipping and storage services, the boxes with all necessary packing supplies such as tape and labels are brought straight to you, too.

All students have to do is pack—we do all the rest. We even come back to pick up the boxes for them. When you need items stored, everything is brought to our secure and centrally-located NY warehouse while all shipping is sent out to meet you at your own home. It’s like having family in town!

Collegiate Storage and Rental

Move in day does not have to be chaotic. Simplify the process with our Campus Utility Carts! Our campus utility carts come in a variety of colors and sizes to ensure they are exactly what you need. With 300 in stock and a thousand more ready to go, we can accommodate any need. The standard 16 bushel cart can unload an entire car in about two trips. Coming to school is stressful enough, let us help make these weekends a breeze.

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